Don’t let food go waste! There are endless people who sleep empty stomach each night!

There are 194.6 million undernourished people in India alone. Well, we knew it is not possible to ensure that no one sleeps hungry at night. But, at least we can take a step in the direction and 'Aahar' is our initiative for this cause.

'Aahar' is our commitment towards the community to use excess cooked food to serve the underserved people. With this initiative, we help users reduce food wastage and make better and right use of their excess cooked food.

From social events to parties organized at home, there are several instances when you are left with cooked food that will be rendered useless by next day. Instead of throwing the food away, we urge people to let the food reach the right mouths.

Join hands with us today! A little thought on your part can mean the world to others!

Who We Are

  • 'Aahar' is a brain child of Indore divisional Commissioner Sanjay Dubey, ably supported by his son Shantanu Dubey a Tech student at IITB and Rakesh Jain director of 'INFOCRATS Web Solutions'. The initiative ropes in hoteliers, caterers, bakeries, sweet shops, hostels, malls, individuals & NGO's.

    ​Initiative helps citizens/people/organization to donate cooked/prepared/ packed food to serve to the people in need of food. It works in 3 modes.

  • Any surplus food prepared during functions/ parties can be donated through ​'Aahar' app.
  • Fresh food prepared at select locations can be donated to feed hungry people by contributing in cash.
  • Packed food nearing expiry can be advertised to be sold to consumers at discounted price.

BBC News

BBC News Hindi covered Aahar in their episode. The video received great response and garnered appreciation from all over the world. The social entrepreneurship practices are receiving recognition from the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, in the form of launch of the ‘self4society’ portal. This led to people from all over the world inquiring about Aahar and wanting to adapt it in their respective places.

What We Do

'Aahar' a social platform that brings together volunteers and donors interested in donating food. Aimed at eliminating food wastage, ​'Aahar' is a unique concept started in Indore.

Basic objective of ​'Aahar' involves –

  • Using excess cooked food to feed the hungry and needy
  • Connecting individuals interested in procuring as well as donating food at different establishments.

With a network of individuals and community organizations, ​'Aahar' is helping distribute food to those who really need it.

How It Works

Designed with the users in mind, ​'Aahar' is an intuitive, easy-to-use application. Here are the steps to use ​'Aahar' for food procurement and donation.

  1. Enter the App using OTP verification.
  2. Fill up your profile
  3. You can now Donate food / Procure food for distribution.

Join The Cause

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